The Group Background

Vision Statement :

We thank our customers, who were the driving force to achieve the “hallmark of Quality oriented products”. In the year 2009, we set our next milestone as “To be one of the top companies of India in the manufacture of High Quality Tensile Fasteners”.

Mission Statement :

We have the goal of increasing corporate value through profitable growth. Our strategy is therefore based on the following strategic dimensions and our fundamental values.

  • Creating operational excellence by creating clear structures, lean processes and short paths in all areas of the company and at all stages of the value chain and making full use of the possibilities offered by standardization and modularization.
  • Emphasis on understanding customer needs.
  • Flexibility, understanding the market providing multiple options.
  • Customer services focused on their feedback and approach of Total Problem Solving.
  • Transformations to Hi-tech plant for improved Quality, including R&D for Innovation.
  • Team with shared to visions through HRD for personal fulfillment and more responsive employees.
  • Development of strong `M` Brand image for PRECISION products at a much broader level, at which our products are regarded as benchmarks in the Fastener industry.
  • Reviewing strategies, goals and performances periodically.
  • Cost effective pricing and consistent Quality through the implementation of Quality management Systems are conspicuous differentiators despite similarity in product offering with regard to competition.
  • As a progressive company – we offer “More Value for your money”

Our Values

Passion - : We are very enthusiast for our work and for our company. Whatever we do, we do it wholeheartedly.
Discipline - : We develop solutions in a focused manner through consistent and rapid implementation of decisions once they have been made.
Respect - : We understand the importance of teamwork, recognize the efforts made by other and respect their opinions. Here, we are referring not only to our relationships with one another but also our relationship with suppliers and other partners-especially our customers.
Honesty - : We believe in fairness and credibility in our dealings with one another. Our actions are guided by high ethical standards and we are convinced that these values are the key to our company's future success.